1.  pro-eugenic - important if genetic enhancement technologies prove practical but are banned in the United States and Europe.  Many transhumanists would undoubtedly want their children to benefit from such technologies.
  2. Favors high IQ immigrants- would make it easier for Transhumanists to obtain permission to work in Singapore.
  3. English speaking.
  4. Rich - 15.5 % of Singaporean households have net worths over $1 million.
  5. Intelligent, results oriented government – Singapore is unlikely to ban technologies for scientifically illiterate reasons.
  6. Militarily safe – faces no serious external military threat and is unlikely to use any of the technologies that Transhumanists might give them to initiate aggression.
  7. No class warfare.  Government won’t expropriate the wealth of Transhumanists.  Rich singularity supporters would feel safe living in Singapore.
  8. Multiracial – Transhumanists of different faiths and ethnicities would feel comfortable in Singapore.
  9. Business-friendly political environment  that’s likely to persist.
  10. Unlike in the U.S., Western Europe or Japan, Singapore  faces no looming fiscal crisis that threatens the country’s long-term economic prospects.